Measuring reading strategy knowledge transfer: Motivation for teachers to implement reading strategy instruction

  • Nanda Klapwijk
  • Christa Van der Walt
Keywords: reading strategy instruction, comprehension instruction, reading comprehension, strategy knowledge transfer


Although research has shown that reading strategy instruction benefits poor readers, research also shows that teachers continue to struggle with reading strategy instruction and remain resistant to its implementation for various reasons. This article reports on the analysis of quantitative data which formed part of a larger, mixed-method study. The study, which sought to create a framework for reading strategy instruction in Grades 4 to 6 through a predominantly qualitative focus, used quantitative data to, among others, provide evidence of whether strategy knowledge transfer is measurable.  This article provides evidence that strategy knowledge transfer is measurable and can, therefore, be used as motivation for teachers to implement reading strategy instruction in a sustainable fashion.


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Author Biographies

Nanda Klapwijk
Nanda Klapwijk is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Curriculum Studies.E-mail address:
Christa Van der Walt
Christa van der Walt lectures and trains English language teachers in the Department of Curriculum Studies. Her interests focus on the teaching and place of English in multilingual education contexts.E-mail address: