A multifaceted model for designing reading development programmes for L2 learners at tertiary level

  • Naomi Boakye
Keywords: socio-affective factors, engagement, reading development, teaching principles, multifaceted model


Socio-affective issues are generally acknowledged as important in reading development. However, most intervention programmes focus on cognitive aspects of reading, and do not explicitly accommodate socio-affective factors such as attitude, motivation, interest, and background of students. This paper argues for the inclusion of both cognitive and socio-affective scaffolding in tertiary-level reading development programmes. Based on a number of second language teaching techniques, and grounded in Guthrie and Wigfield’s (2000) engagement model, I propose a multifaceted model on which to map reading instruction/intervention at tertiary level that combines both affective and cognitive factors.


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Author Biography

Naomi Boakye
Naomi Boakye is a lecturer in the Unit for Academic Literacy at the University of Pretoria. Her research interests are in Applied Linguistics (L2 reading) and Sociolinguistics.