Uncharted territory: A complex systems approach as an emerging paradigm in applied linguistics

  • Albert J Weideman


Developing a theory of applied linguistics is a top priority for the discipline today. The emergence of a new paradigm - a complex systems approach - in applied linguistics presents us with a unique opportunity to give prominence to the development of a foundational framework for this design discipline. Far from being a mere philosophical exercise, such a framework will find application in the training and induction of new entrants into the discipline within the developing context of South Africa, as well as internationally.

Author Biography

Albert J Weideman
Albertus Johannes Weideman is professor and head of the department of English, University of the Free State. He was recently nominated to head up the Inter-institutional Centre for Language Development and Assessment (ICELDA), a partnership between a number of multi-lingual universities (Stellenbosch, Pretoria, Northwest, Free State). He has published widely in his field. He is the author of Academic literacy: prepare to learn (2007) and Beyond expression: a systematic study of the foundations of linguistics (2009, Reformational Publishing project - forthcoming). His main interests are in assessing academic literacy, and in the foundations of applied linguistics. (Email:  WeidemanAJ@ufs.ac.za)