Needs analysis of higher primary teachers in KwaZulu

  • M.S. Odendaal


As will appear from the literature quoted in this report, various researchers and institutes locally and in the rest of the world have concerned themselves with the state of English either as a subject or as a medium in Black education. The aim of this project is not primarily to make a contribution to existing literature but the motivation is of a more practical nature. It hopes to focus on a specific aspect of the language situation, viz the language needs of Black primary school teachers in KwaZulu. In the seco~d place it wishes to establish these needs on the basis of empirical data from questionnaires, observation: and interviews. Finally it hopes to harness this inform~tion for and transform it into a blueprint for a language course for the specific target population that will meet the needs that have been identified. As the investigation ofthe language teaching in KwaZulu schools and the taxonomy of language needs will be conducted from a specific language teaching framework, it will be necessary to sketch that framework briefly.