Exploring the effective use of mobile devices by previously disadvantaged English language student educators the Constructivist way

  • M Sylvia Lediga
  • Lucia Junia Ngoepe University of Limpopo
Keywords: exploring, use, handheld mobile devices, English language, student educators


The use of smartphones and tablet computers is at the leading edge of technology and studying. The majority of students who study English in previously disadvantaged institutions (PDIs) possess handheld mobile devices, and this augurs well for the effective use of these devices. The use of handheld mobile devices can revolutionise the learning and teaching of English language among the students, who usually queue to use desktop computers. The use of handheld mobile devices could also foster collaborative and independent learning. The aim of this paper is to discuss the responses of English language student educators to a questionnaire on the use of handheld mobile devices at a PDI in South Africa.

Author Biographies

M Sylvia Lediga
M. Sylvia Lediga is a post-graduate student in English Studies at the University of Limpopo, Department of Languages. Her research focuses on the use of technology in the English language classroom.
Lucia Junia Ngoepe, University of Limpopo
L. Junia Ngoepe is a senior lecturer at the University of Limpopo where she lectures English in the Department of Languages. Her research foci include L2 acquisition, assessment, materials development and evaluation. Her fields of interests lie in ESP as well as EAP.