Leveraging text recall ability through translanguaging

  • Vukile Desmond Mgijima Mangosuthu University of Technology


This paper explores the effects of translanguaging on learners’ ability to recall information when reading texts in isiXhosa as their home language and English as their first additional language. The study engaged a Solomon four quasi-experimental design with four groups of participants: two experimental groups and two control groups. Four rural Grade 4 schools comprising 215 learners aged between nine and 12 participated in the study. The results show a positive correlation between translanguaging techniques and learner performance on the ability to recall information in their home language. Regarding English, the results display a regressed but statistically non-significant performance.  The study responds to concerns about the substandard reading abilities of African (Black) learners in elementary grades in South Africa and suggests an alternative multilingual approach, translanguaging, to enhance the reading abilities of multilingual learners. It demonstrates that substantial gains can be obtained in reading development in elementary grades when translanguaging techniques are exploited. 


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