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Vale, Pamela (South Africa)
Van de Poel, Kris, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) and University of Antwerp
van de Poel, Kris, University of Antwerp
van der Merwe, Antoinette
Van der Merwe, Kristin (South Africa)
Van der Merwe, Michele, University of Stellenbosch
Van der Merwe, Michele F, University of Stellenbosch
van der Slik, Frans (South Africa)
Van der Vyver, D.H. (South Africa)
Van der Vyver, Dawid (South Africa)
Van der Vyver, Dawid H. (South Africa)
Van der Wait, J ohann L. (South Africa)
Van der Wait, Johann L. (South Africa)
Van der Walt, C (South Africa)
van der Walt, Christa (South Africa)
van der Walt, Christa
van der Walt, Christa, University of South Africa (South Africa)
van der Walt, Christa, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
van der Walt, Johann L (South Africa)
van der Walt, Johann L. (South Africa)
van Deventer, Idilette
van Dulm, Ondene, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
van Dulm, Ondene
van Dulm, Ondene (South Africa)
van Dyk, Tobie (South Africa)
Van Dyk, Tobie, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) (South Africa)
van Dyk, Tobie
van Huyssteen, Alet (South Africa)
van Staden, Annalene (South Africa)
van Wyk, Jerry
Venter, Edith
Visser, Mariana (South Africa)
Visser, Marianna
Visser, Marianna, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Volbrecht, Terry (South Africa)


Waghid, Yusef (South Africa)
Wang, Chao, Zhejiang International Studies University (South Africa)
Wang, Chao
Wang, Linpu
Wang, Yuhua, Tianjin Polytechnic University Peoples Republic of China (China)
Wankah, Foncha J
Weber, Angelika, University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Weber, Undine Susanne, Rhodes University (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert, Albert Weideman Senior research fellow: Office of the Dean: Humanities, University of the Free State (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert J (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert
Weidemann, Albert (South Africa)
Wildsmith-Cromarty, Rosemary, Prof Rosemary Wildsmith-Cromarty ETDP-SETA Research Chair Early Childhood Development North West University Faculty of Education Sciences North West University 11 Hoffman Street Potchefstroom 2531 (South Africa)
Wildsmith-Cromarty, Rosemary
Wildsmith-Cromarty, Rosemary (South Africa)
Wilsenach, Carien (South Africa)
Wilson, Jennifer (South Africa)
Winberg, Christine (South Africa)
Winzker, Kristy (South Africa)
Wittmann, Gerda-Elisabeth, Research Focus Area Self-Directed Learning, North-West University (South Africa)
Wright, Jennifer (South Africa)
Wright, Laurence (South Africa)
Wyatt, David H. (South Africa)


Yallop, Colin (Australia)
Yang, Jiong
Yu, Ke, Human Sciences Research Council


Zano, Kufakunesu, University of South Africa (Zimbabwe)
Zheng, Dan-Dan (South Africa)
Zhou, Quan, Zhejiang International Studies University (South Africa)
Zhou, Quan (China)
Zimmerman, Lisa, UNISA (South Africa)

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