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Waghid, Yusef (South Africa)
Wang, Chao, Zhejiang International Studies University (South Africa)
Wang, Chao
Wang, Linpu
Wang, Yuhua, Tianjin Polytechnic University Peoples Republic of China (China)
Wankah, Foncha J
Weber, Angelika, University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Weber, Undine Susanne, Rhodes University (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert J (South Africa)
Weideman, Albert
Weideman, Albert, Albert Weideman Senior research fellow: Office of the Dean: Humanities, University of the Free State (South Africa)
Weidemann, Albert (South Africa)
Wildsmith-Cromarty, Rosemary, Prof Rosemary Wildsmith-Cromarty ETDP-SETA Research Chair Early Childhood Development North West University Faculty of Education Sciences North West University 11 Hoffman Street Potchefstroom 2531 (South Africa)
Wildsmith-Cromarty, Rosemary
Wildsmith-Cromarty, Rosemary (South Africa)
Wilsenach, Carien (South Africa)
Wilson, Jennifer (South Africa)
Winberg, Christine (South Africa)
Winzker, Kristy (South Africa)
Wittmann, Gerda-Elisabeth, Research Focus Area Self-Directed Learning, North-West University (South Africa)
Wright, Jennifer (South Africa)
Wright, Laurence (South Africa)
Wyatt, David H. (South Africa)

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